Turesol Helps You Manage Your Temporary Workforce

Are you aware that an in-depth survey targeting the use of a blended workforce of temporary and full-time employees was recently conducted by Field Nation and Future Workplace*? The study addressed some key organizational challenges such as:
• How to best source freelance talent?
• How to drive accountability?
• How to work seamlessly with mixed teams of full-time and interim employees?

These may be some of the very same challenges that you are facing with your interim workforce. At Turesol, we understand those challenges and our team works closely with our clients to address them. Importantly, as deep biotech and pharmaceutical experts, we have the knowledge and capabilities to understand and address your exacting temporary staffing needs rapidly and at a competitive price. We offer an attractive benefits package to our temporary workforce and we are in full compliance with critical IRS and labor requirements.

To find out how Turesol can help you, check out our services by downloading this PDF Overview or, better yet… give us a call!

*Click here to access to the full study referenced above: http://bit.ly/2dpNaJi.